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Contact Heidi today for a free 20 minute phone consultation. 

Contact Heidi today for a free 20 minute phone consultation


      Whether you are just starting your wellness journey, or have been at it for awhile, or simply sick of reaching for coffee at 3 pm, Nutritional Therapy is for you.  For some, the list of symptoms holding you back is to long  to believe that life could be any different. For others you may have lived with one symptom for so long it's restrictions just feel part of the norm. Are you experiencing  indigestion, insomnia, fatigue, stubborn weight, anxiety , depression, allergies, or other symptoms? These are all signs of imbalances and deficiencies within our bodies. But through the support of Nutritional Therapy you can turn things around and feel the happiness and vitality to do all the things you love, no matter your age, background or lifestyle!                                       

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​W​hat is your body saying?

 Your body houses incredible intelligence.  When you trust your body's wisdom and really listen to what your body is trying to tell you, you are guided to what you really need and want. You are guided to wellness and well-being.  Through the Functional Evaluation and Lingual Neural Testing  we can "talk" to you body and really hear what nutrients it needs.

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My journey with Heidi was fantastic. She helped me to understand what nutritional needs my body really has. I have such a better understanding of how I can be proactive in my overall well being. She is patient and so easy to work with. Excellent experience.

Jennifer Feigum

Heidi McQuin is a very caring and compassionate person!  She is professional and is striving to make sure other's are feeling their absolute best!

Jonie Taruscio